Civilian Courses

Civilian Courses

Our Civilian Classes are for shooters of all skill levels, from youth and first-time classes up to tactical and concealed carry training, we’re sure you’ll find a course to fit your skill level.

The senior rate is for 65 years of age and older.

Civilian Courses available at CTS:
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Youth Firearms Safety, CTS-50
Basic Pistol Shooting & Fundamentals Course CTS-101
Basic Pistol II, CTS-102
ID Enhanced CCW, CTS-300
Defensive Handgun Skills I CTS-201
Defensive Handgun Skills II CTS-301
Home Defense Shotgun CTS-500
Defensive Shotgun II CTS-550
Intro to Carbine – CTS 107
Basic Carbine CTS-701
Advanced Carbine Tactics CTS-715
AR Armorer’s Course, CTS-755
Basic NRA Range Safety Officer Course – CTS-140

For more information about any of our classes, please contact us. The dates, times, and registration for classes will be posted as soon as the schedules are finalized.