Defensive Handgun Skills I CTS-201

An eight-hour course introducing students to defensive shooting fundamentals and mindset. The format for this course is classroom lecture and range instruction. This course is intended to prepare students for armed self-defense during critical incidents. Topics include:
-Firearms safety
-Gun handling and manipulation
-Clearing stoppages and malfunctions
-Sighted shot placement
-Close quarters defense
-Instinctive shooting
-Emergency reloading
-Tactical reloading
-An introduction to concealed carry methods
-Developing a tactical mindset


Cost: $165

10% Senior Discount

Required Equipment:

-Centerfire handgun
-Outside the waistband (OWB) holster
-350 rounds of ammunition
-5 dummy rounds
-Three magazines or speed loaders and ammo pouches
-Eye and hearing protection


  • Skills assessment by an instructor prior to class registration


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