Defensive Handgun Skills II CTS-301

An eight-hour course building on the skills learned in Defense Handgun I (CTS-201). Format for this course is limited class time, with the majority of the time dedicated to range instruction. In addition to the topics covered in CTS-201, this class includes:
-Engaging a moving shooting platform
-Engaging multiple targets
-One-handed reloading
-Cover and concealment considerations
-Firearm retention
-Clearing garments while carrying a concealed firearm


Cost: $190

10% Senior Discount

Required Equipment:

-Centerfire handgun
-Outside the waistband (OWB) holster
-500 rounds of ammunition (350-500 rounds will be used depending on class progression)
-5 dummy rounds
-Three magazines or speed loaders and ammo pouches
-Eye and hearing protection
-Cover garment for CCW



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