Idaho Enhanced CCW Permit CTS-300

An eight-hour course is required for students to obtain the Idaho Enhanced Concealed Weapons License (ECWL). This course covers Idaho laws relating to firearms and the use of deadly force, self-defense principles, and the state-mandated 98-round live-fire exercise. Basic marksmanship and instinctive defense shooting concepts will be included in the exercise. Ammunition information, firearms knowledge, and selection of appropriate firearms and equipment will also be discussed.

Note: This is not a shooting or defense course. All students must possess the knowledge and skills necessary to safely and proficiently operate their firearm in order to complete the mandated course of fire. If students have any doubts regarding their abilities, see CTS staff for information about the Basic Pistol Shooting Course (CTS-101) to prepare for this class.


Cost: $120

10% Senior Discount

Required Equipment:

-Handgun with at least one extra magazine or speed loaders (Provided at no cost if you don’t have your own)
-100 rounds of ammunition (Students must purchase CTS ammo if using a CTS gun)
-Eye and hearing protection
-Billed baseball cap (optional)
-Eye and hearing protection




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