Intro to Defensive Handgun CTS-103

This is a 6-hour course that will help students develop the fundamental skills for Defensive Handgun I class. The training includes both classroom and range time with focus on entry level defensive shooting.
-Firearms safety
-Drawing and firing from the holster
-Reloading drills using a magazine pouch
-Clearing stoppages and malfunctions
-Sighted shot placement
-Close quarters defense
-Instinctive shooting
-Emergency reloading
-Tactical reloading


Cost: $100

10% Senior Discount

Required Equipment:

Eye and Ear Protection (hat optional)
Self-defense handgun (.380 Auto or above)
Strong-side OWB holster & two extra magazines or speed loaders
Magazine/speed loader pouch
100 rounds of ammunition


  • Basic Pistol I


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