Intro To Firearm Optics CTS-108

A six-hour introductory class that provides information about the types of optics that can be used to help aim a firearm. The class will discuss the types of optical sights available to aim firearms including:
-Reflex sights
-Holographic sights
-Prism sights
-And scopes
Recommended uses for the different types will also be discussed. Class information will include advantages and disadvantages specific to the types of the optic. Some of the options available with sights will also be discussed, including the type and color of the reticule. The overall purpose of the class is to give the shooter information in order to make an informed decision about which optic to purchase for the intended use they envision for their firearm. We will also discuss some recommended training methods in order to get the most out of the optic and improve the shooter's skill with their firearm.


Cost: $100

10% Senior Discount

Required Equipment:

-Handgun (Provided at no cost if you don’t have your own)
-Sight manual and adjustment tools if bringing your own firearm
-100 rounds of ammunition (Students must purchase CTS ammo if using a CTS gun)
-Eye and hearing protection
-Billed baseball cap (optional)


  • None


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