GSSF: February 2024

Hello Shooters!!

What a day!! We had forty-two participants today and a total of seventy courses of fire. That, I believe, is a record for my tenure helping out with this event at Center Target Sports. I’m also setting up the results differently. These aren’t screen captures of the results. They are more or less straight out of the program I’m writing to handle the statistics. My hope is that they will be a little easier to read.

Also, just a quick note that I will not be here for the March event. I have a memorial service to attend. If I don’t show up at this one, the next memorial you would hear about might be mine. Please give Ken and the crew some grace as he will be calling the event. I will be getting the scores entered and posted on Sunday afternoon, so don’t be looking for the scores before Sunday night. Thank you all!


MOS – Please note: If you are shooting a straight-from-Glock MOS pistol that came with the optic, this is the category for you. You don’t have to shoot Unlimited if that’s the case. We just wanted you to be aware of that for the future.

Course of Fire CategoryCoF ScoreX ScoreShooterNameSexSr/Jr
MOS49441Cramer, KenSenior
MOS49438Lester, Adam
MOS44017Rodgers, Hayden


Course of Fire CategoryCoF ScoreX ScoreShooterNameSexSr/Jr
Pocket24819Crosby, Eric
Pocket24818McGeorge, SamSenior
Pocket24816Gural, Craig
Pocket24516Lester, Adam
Pocket24212Warren, Jason
Pocket24115Olson, RandySenior
Pocket23411Heggstrom, BruceSenior
Pocket22711Reid, GarySenior
Pocket22710Bauer, Elijah
Pocket22613Thomson, PattiFemaleSenior


Course of Fire CategoryCoF ScoreX ScoreShooterNameSexSr/Jr
Rimfire49536Olson, RandySenior
Rimfire48730McGeorge, SamSenior
Rimfire47626Crosby, Eric
Rimfire47325Altizer, Brian
Rimfire46825Herbert, JamesSenior
Rimfire45525Thomson, Robert WSenior
Rimfire45514Spradley, DavidSenior
Rimfire44217Cardella, FrankSenior
Rimfire43824Broberg, EdSenior
Rimfire43416Tompkins, DonSenior
Rimfire43222Warren, Jason
Rimfire42313Harvitt, RhondaFemaleSenior
Rimfire41717Thomson, PattiFemaleSenior
Rimfire3717Rodgers, Patrick
Rimfire3378Altizer, AmiFemale
Rimfire3355Altizer, EmmaFemaleJunior
Rimfire2472Rodgers, MichelleFemale


Course of Fire CategoryCoF ScoreX ScoreShooterNameSexSr/Jr
Stock49819Powell, Will
Stock49343Bass, RichardSenior
Stock48935Olson, RandySenior
Stock48127Heggstrom, BruceSenior
Stock48024Gural, Craig
Stock47922Reynolds, Levi
Stock47427Warren, Jason
Stock47228McGeorge, SamSenior
Stock47124Lester, Adam
Stock46325Tolentino, JimSenior
Stock45823Spradley, DavidSenior
Stock45116Bauer, Elijah
Stock44923Crosby, Eric
Stock44722Tompkins, DonSenior
Stock44324Bersch, Joe
Stock44218Silcox, RickSenior
Stock43815Thomson, Robert WSenior
Stock43725Filipowsk, DennisSenior
Stock43317Overman, Chad
Stock42912Farley, Jacob
Stock42322O’Sickey, John
Stock42212Cardella, FrankSenior
Stock41612Reid, GarySenior
Stock40714Harvitt, RhondaFemaleSenior
Stock40415Broberg, EdSenior
Stock3808Carlton, MarkSenior
Stock37716Harju, Kelly
Stock37415Thomson, Robert WSenior
Stock37410McDonald, Steve
Stock1922Harju, Jenel


Course of Fire CategoryCoF ScoreX ScoreShooterNameText18Text20
Unlimited49841Olson, RandySenior
Unlimited49835Gural, Pierce
Unlimited46628Snodgrass, Tedd
Unlimited46627O’Sickey, John
Unlimited45022Cardella, FrankSenior
Unlimited43824Roach, Kevin
Unlimited42921Harju, Kelly
Unlimited42418Powell, Will
Unlimited38814Snodgrass, Tedd
Unlimited3168Harju, Jenel

See you all in March!!

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