GSSF: Results JULY 2022

Hello Shooters!!

Finally, we have scores for you!! Many apologies for the delay, the frustration and the inconvenience. Our new website went live, and didn’t provide the access needed to be able to post everyone’s scores, and until today, we were at a standstill.

The website is new, looks cleaner and more easier to navigate. We still have some final tweaks to do to complete it, and no, it should not affect the ability to post scores.

Speaking of scores, we will be having a unique opportunity in August. A group of Young Marines will be coming to GSSF to compete. I will be talking with Tim Mc Cormick to ensure that this is set up well and goes smoothly for them, and for us. If Tim should reach out to you, please listen to what he has to say, and if you can help, it would be most deeply appreciated.

Without further ado, please see your scores below.


See you all in August!!

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