GSSF: Results Q2 APRIL II 2022

Hello GSSF shooters!

A couple of important notes for you –
Until further notice, GSSF memberships and renewals must be done through This is a decision from GSSF, not one made by Center Target Sports.
Center Target Sports is unable to process membership or renewal fees for you anymore, and you must complete this on the GSSF website listed above.

Updated Scores –
Thank you Steve and Adam for spotting the scoring conflict. Please note scores are updated.
We are also working to train up another person to help officiate the range to enable scoring to be turned around more quickly. Thank all of you for your patience as we continue to work toward improving your experience even more.

GSSF 2022 2nd Quarter APRIL, MAY JUNE 2022

ClassNameX-ringsAPRMAYJUNE2 Match Avg
StockBass Richard38496   
McGeorge Sam27495   
Hogue Todd32488   
Twardowski Russell37487   
Lester Adam36487   
Larson Jerry37486   JR
Gural Pierce33481   JR
Gural Craig30478   SR
McCormick Tim28476   SR
Warren Jason26476   
Hoffman Ben26473   
 Lynch Aaron28467   
Spradley David25467   SR
Crosby Eric22464   
 Snodgrass Tedd23463   
 O’Sickey John26450   
 Broberg Ed21442   
 Goitia Mary16439   LADY
 Tompkins Don20437   
 Thomson Robert13416   
 Filipowski Dennis8396   SR
 Havens Seyed11377   
 Mc Donald Steve6346   
UnlimitedFranklin James35492   
Bass Richard43490   
 Snodgrass Ted33487   SR
Lynch Aaron24469   
Lander Steve21467   SR
Hoffman Ben23435   
Broberg Ed23432   
McGeorge Sam23388   
Cardella Frank4351   
RimfireLynch Aaron33494   
Twardowski Russell30491   SR
McGeorge Sam28487   SR
McCormick Tim32485   
Franklin James30480   
Tompkins Don25472   SR
Crosby Eric35471   
Herbert James31470   SR
Cardella Frank19440   SR
Harvitt Rhonda14404   LADY
Thomson Robert12395   
PocketGural Pierce12248   JR
 Lester Adam18246   
Lynch Aaron16246   
Gural Craig80232   
McGeorge Sam5222   
Tompkins Don6221   
Crosby Eric8216   SR
Warren Jason6172   SR

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