GSSF: March 2024

Hello Shooters!!

From the reports I’ve heard, it sounds like yesterday was another pretty busy day! Seventy courses of fire and forty participants. So far the program I’m working on (an Access database, really) seems to be working fairly well. I’ve already made some improvements. It would be great if you could let me know what you think of the format. It does take a little more screen room, but should be easier to read than what we were doing before.

Some Housekeeping Items

Entry Numbers on Score Sheets

Please fill out the Entry # field on the score sheet for us. Most often it doesn’t make much of a difference, but it can, especially if you shoot in multiple categories. Having the order you’d like to shoot might mean that you don’t accidentally get the scores for your 44 applied to your 19 score sheet. Even harder for us to detect is when they are the same caliber. It also allows us to keep track of a shooter who shoots the same event multiple times. For example, nothing in the rules says a shooter cannot shoot a Stock course of fire with a G19 two or even three times. However, only the first course of fire counts toward that shooters official record. If I don’t know what order the events were fired, I have to assume the lowest score was the first. Don’t hesitate to ask if you have any questions about this.

Speaking of score sheets, you don’t need to fill out Senior, Junior or Woman boxes for anything other than the Stock category. This is just to save you a couple seconds while your filling out the forms. By the way, if you notice that something isn’t correct while perusing the results, please let me know. I want to make sure I’ve got names correctly spelled, and you in the right categories on here. Next time you fill out a score sheet, just highlight the information I’ve got wrong and I will update it.


A scoring question was brought to my attention yesterday and the GSSF Indoor League Rules don’t seem to adequately address. I’ve been scoring the same way that Sean scored. Once I’ve received some clarification from Glock I will be passing along updated information as needed.


Course of Fire ScoreXShooter Name
MOS50043Cramer, Ken
MOS49835Garner, Ryan
MOS48934Lester, Adam
MOS43719Watson, Amy
MOS43011Cardella, Frank
MOS41016Rodgers, Hayden
MOS2796Henke, Breeze
The MOS category had 7 participants

Course of Fire ScoreXShooter Name
Pocket25019McGeorge, Sam
Pocket24820Hogue, Todd
Pocket24414Lester, Adam
Pocket24317Olson, Randy
Pocket24316Gural, Craig
Pocket23213Heggstrom, Bruce
Pocket23110Bauer, Elijah
Pocket2298Thomson, Robert W
Pocket21910Thomson, Patti
The Pocket category had 9 participants

CategoryScoreXShooter Name
Rimfire47627McCormick, Tim
Rimfire45731Olson, Randy
Rimfire45726Herbert, James
Rimfire45126Broberg, Ed
Rimfire45020McGeorge, Sam
Rimfire45015Cardella, Frank
Rimfire44825Twardowski, Russ
Rimfire44722Thomson, Robert W
Rimfire43818Snodgrass, Tedd
Rimfire43514Harvitt, Rhonda
Rimfire41811Thomson, Patti
Rimfire2336Rodgers, Michelle
The Rimfire category had 12 participants

Stock49639Bass, RichardSenior
Stock49133Lester, Adam
Stock48628Olson, RandySenior
Stock48625Stayton, Pete
Stock48528Hogue, ToddSenior
Stock48426McCormick, TimSenior
Stock48131Twardowski, Russ
Stock48125McGeorge, SamSenior
Stock46519Spradley, DavidSenior
Stock45927Tolentino, JimSenior
Stock45429Stayton, Pete
Stock45122Heggstrom, BruceSenior
Stock44821Silcox, RickSenior
Stock44618Gural, Craig
Stock44525Garner, Ryan
Stock44422O’Sickey, John
Stock43918Watson, AmyFemale
Stock42218Thomson, Robert WSenior
Stock4196Filipowsk, DennisSenior
Stock41718Bersch, Joe
Stock41111Farley, Jacob
Stock41016Thomson, Robert WSenior
Stock40212McDonald, Steve
Stock39614Overman, Chad
Stock39011Henke, Mike
Stock36114Girard, LaceySenior
Stock35611Thomson, PattiFemaleSenior
Stock3445Bauer, Elijah
Stock2881Harvitt, RhondaFemaleSenior
The Stock category had 29 participants

Unlimited49627Snodgrass, Tedd
Unlimited48937Olson, Randy
Unlimited48532Powell, Will
Unlimited48530Harju, Kelly
Unlimited48530Roach, Kevin
Unlimited48429Snodgrass, Tedd
Unlimited44620Penn, Erik, Sr
Unlimited44218O’Sickey, John
Unlimited44121Cardella, Frank
Unlimited43028Howard, Joel
Unlimited42826Harju, Kelly
Unlimited37718Tolentino, Jim
The Unlimited category had 12 participants

See you all April 20th!!

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