GSSF: Q1 – 2024

Hello Shooters!!

The quarterly standings are posted below. It has been a minute and my apologies for any inconvenience.

Scoring Clarification

Since before I started helping with the GSSF events, we scored a 5-point hit as anything that punched the paper of the target outside of the 8-point ring. We have been incorrect in scoring in that manner. To count as 5 points, the mark must be inside, or cutting, the line around the white part of the target. Perhaps more simply, the gray part of the target is considered a miss. This is how we are going to be scoring this from here on out.

Shooting Multiple Courses of Fire

Either shooting the same pistol multiple times, or multiple pistols in the same division introduces some interesting rules. In order to help us all understand this I humbly offer this brief essay on the topic. Please feel free to ask questions at our next event if you need more information.

Shooting the same pistol multiple times

The “Order” box on the score sheet is critical for these shooters. Only the first Course of Fire count toward your official standings. Any subsequent course of fire does help qualify you for the drawing (each counts as one entry provided that you compete in at least two events in the quarter). Without the “Order” box filled in, we can only assume that the lowest score is the first score.

Multiple pistols in the same division

This is a little more complicated. We’ll see if I can make this clear in short order. The order you shoot at your first event of the quarter is the order they will be scored for the rest of the quarter, and the first pistol shot in that division is the only score that counts towards standings, but the subsequent courses of fire do count the drawing entry.

For example, if you shoot a G19 and a G34 in the Stock Division and you shoot in that order this month (G19 then G34), that is the order they will count for the rest of the quarter. Even if you shoot the G34 first next month, only the G19 score will count toward your standings. The G34 courses of fire do count as entries toward the drawings.

Like I said, please don’t hesitate to ask about this if you have questions.

Liability Forms

Finally, with the new liability release forms, you will only have to fill these out once per quarter, not once per event. We will have them already filled out with the dates and location filled in so you don’t have to enter that information.


See you all April 20th!!

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