GSSF: Results september, end of q3

Hello Shooters!!

Thank you to everyone who pitched in and attempted to help facilitate the Young Marines last month. It is wonderful to know that so many of you were ready to jump in and help!

This is the last month of Q3. Congratulations to RICHARD BASS, PIERCE GURAL, and CHANDRA CARR, Class A, B and C winners respectively!

Congratulations to RANDY OLSON, Unlimited Winner, RUSS TWARDOWSKI, Rimfire Winner, and ADAM LESTER, Pocket Winner!!

Congratulations to RANDY OLSON and PIERCE GURAL for shooting a perfect 250 Pocket score this month! Patches are waiting for you.

Congratulations to FRANK CARDELLA, random drawing Gun Winner!!

All winners will be contacted by phone next week to come pick up their prizes. Please wait for your call before coming by to pick up your prize, as they will not be ready to be picked up until after you are called.

Thank you all for making GSSF fun for everyone!


See you all in OCTOBER!!

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