Retail POlicies

Visit us and browse our assortment of new and pre-owned firearms

Our knowledgeable, dedicated, customer-oriented staff are always ready to assist you. We promise to give you direct answers to your questions and provide you with the most current information available.

We specialize in meeting all your defensive and sport shooting needs. Our inventory is developed specifically to offer you the most appropriate equipment and supplies. We carry a wide assortment of guns and accessories for every type of shooter, whether expert or beginner, recreational or competitive, enthusiast or casual customer. We will help fit you with the firearm and accessories to suit your lifestyle.

Try Before You Buy Policy

To ensure that you make the right purchase, we offer you our unique Try Before You Buy! policy.

Our Try Before You Buy! policy is offered to allow you to experience a number of firearms as you search for the perfect one. We are committed to helping you make the proper firearm selection that suits your needs. We charge $8 per caliber to rent our handguns. Pay the $8 and shoot every 9mm we have in the rental case…want to try a .22, pay another $8 and try them all. If you purchase your handgun the same day you rent, your rental fee is waived.

We are the only place you can “Try Before You Buy!” in North Idaho!

“NO REGRETS” 30-Day Return Policy



When you purchase any gun from Center Target Sports, we guarantee your satisfaction. Use your gun for up to 30 days and if for any reason you’re not happy with your purchase, return it to us within 30 days and receive a store credit for the FULL purchase price.

Of course, the gun must still be in “as-new” condition (yes, we know you have shot it), not damaged, modified, or subjected to misuse, and have all original boxes, packaging, paperwork (including Lifetime Warranty card), and accessories. Yes, it’s really that simple.

The following conditions do apply: Center Target Sports reserves the right to refuse the “No Regrets” credit on any Special Order or Online purchase firearm that doesn’t fit our normal inventory or to any customer whom Center Target believes is abusing the “No Regrets” policy.

The “No Regrets” credit does not apply to lower receivers or consignments.

Lifetime Warranty on all new and used firearms.

That’s correct! All firearms purchased from Center Target Sports, Inc. NEW or USED (Consignments Excluded) ARE COVERED BY A LIFETIME WARRANTY! We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any firearm purchased from Center Target Sports for as long as it is owned by the purchaser. This warranty is not transferable.

We will repair or replace, at our discretion, any firearm purchased from Center Target Sports for as long as it is owned by the purchaser. This warranty is not transferable. Center Target Sports assumes no responsibility for product malfunction or for physical injury or property damage resulting in whole or in part from criminal or negligent use of the firearm, improper or careless handling, unauthorized modification, use of defective or improper hand loaded, reloaded or remanufactured ammunition, or customer abuse, neglect or misuse.


We offer a consignment program. Bring in your gently used firearms to be assessed by our knowledgeable staff. We do take a commission for all sales and there is a $25 transfer fee if you want to take the gun out of consignment.
All customers who purchase a consigned firearm are offered a FREE one-hour firearms orientation course and a FREE One Day Range Pass! And don’t forget the Center Target Sports Lifetime Warranty on New and Used Firearms. (see details below)

Concealed Carry Specialists and Products

Specializing in Concealed Carry equipment and training we offer the largest selection of CCW HOLSTERS and unique covert carry options in the region. We carry a wide variety of products designed specifically for those who desire to carry in a safe, inconspicuous manner.
Your safety is our number one priority and we proudly carry top-of-the-line safety products on the market today.

Shop Online

Visit our Online Store to browse and purchase thousands of products. Please note that the online does not reflect what we have available in store. If you place an order online, your items will be delivered to the store and you will be notified.


CTS is proud to offer you the best indoor range and training facility in the Inland Northwest.

Indoor Shooting Range

Our 25-yard indoor range is the only one of its kind in the area. The shooting stalls are 4 feet wide to accommodate each shooter and coach in a safe, clean environment. Our world-class facility can also accommodate special needs shooters. In addition, the extra distance from the firing line to the target line allows for increased movement when shooting or maneuvering during practical exercises. This affords instructors a greater available distance to create more realistic shooting scenarios.

Our granulated rubber bullet trap system is the most versatile backstop available. The system allows you to shoot any weapon point blank without fear of blowback or ricochet. It also allows you to shoot from any angle or distance forward of the traditional firing line without fear. No other range can offer you that peace of mind.

Our state-of-the-art computerized lighting control system allows us to simulate varying light levels for different scenarios, including moonlight, streetlight, and daylight. One bulb or all 120 can be activated at the ease of pushing a switch. Combined with our computerized target system, most training scenarios can be simulated with ease.


We are firmly committed to the training and education of firearms and shooting sports. Our two modern classrooms are equipped with all the modern training equipment necessary to facilitate any level of instruction.

Law Enforcement Facilities Use

Using our computerized target system, targets can be programmed and operated in any mode desired to meet the specific training objective. This not only saves your staff time and money, and it makes it impossible for your officers to stretch out the qualification times mandated by the state. With your qualification courses programmed into the system, your officers have the targets exposed to them for the specified time every time.

For more information about the types of training we offer, please visit our course list.

Law enforcement agencies and private security companies seeking to conduct their own training programs at our facility are welcome and should contact us for rates and availability.


Fill out our waivers before your visit to save time!

Safety is always a priority here at Center Target Sports. Please review the waivers carefully and answer completely. We do require that the parents or guardians of youth shooters, fill out the youth waiver. If you have a grandchild, niece/nephew, cousin, etc visiting you, please have their parents fill out this waiver.