Gunsmith hours:
Tues-Wed 1pm-5pm Thurs – Sat 1pm-6pm


Do you have broken guns, guns left outside in the rain, or heirloom guns in need of a tune-­up?  Are you in need of specialized services such as scope mounting, stockwork or laser installation, gun inspections, or trigger mechanism adjustments? The list of gun issues goes on and on.  Not to worry. CTS has you covered.

Not only can you buy and shoot guns at our range/shop in Post Falls, Idaho, but you can also bring your firearms to be serviced, accessorized, and adjusted by our professional gunsmith. It’s all part of our mission to offer comprehensive firearm services.

Whether your firearm is for personal defense, hunting, sporting, or collecting, we do everything in our power to ensure your firearm is completed and returned with the quality and care you should expect from a professional firearm provider and servicer.

To explore a list of common services we provide, please see below. This is not a complete list of services, so we encourage you to give us a call if you have any questions about our gunsmithing capabilities (208-773-2331). Feel free to bring your firearm in for an estimate on any of the services we provide.

*** Please Note: Firearms should always be brought in unloaded, with the breach locked open and safety on. If live ammunition is stuck in the firearm (magazine or chamber) be sure to inform a staff member immediately.

Common Services

  • Cleaning – Cleaning consists of a complete stripping of the firearm, cleaning all parts, lubricating as necessary, and inspection of internal parts for signs of excessive wear. We return our customers’ firearms in A1 condition.
  • Scope and Sight Installation
  • Sighting in Firearm, Bore Sighting, or Patterning Shotgun – Sighting in of a firearm does not include the cost of ammunition. We encourage customers to bring their preferred ammunition as it will affect the accuracy of our results. Otherwise, ammunition can most often be provided through CTS.
  • Stock Refinishing and Repair
  • Basic and Advanced Repair – Advanced repair generally involves fitting, machining, and/or fabrication of parts that are no longer produced.
  • Glass Bedding
  • Installation of Recoil Pads and Sling Swivels
  • Inletting and Finishing of Semi­-Finished Stock
  • Fitting, Bedding, and Painting Synthetic Stock
  • Chamber, Feed Ramp, and Cylinder Polishing – A slick, polished surface in the feeding/chambering area is a great “go-­to” for many feeding and extraction issues on most any firearm. Whether it’s tough build­-up, corrosion, or a rough chamber due to chip drag, a good polishing can slick up a chamber better than new.
  • Shotgun Chamber, Forcing Cone, and Barrel Polishing­ – Chamber polishing can greatly improve the function and reliability of a shotgun, while making it easier to maintain. Honing the forcing cone will result in smoother shot constriction with less barrel fouling. Barrel polishing improves the look of your shotgun barrel, while making it easier to maintain. Polishing gently smoothes metal, creating a more uniform surface that resists wear and corrosion and reduces fouling (smoothbores only).

The gunsmithing services listed above only encompass our customers’ most common of inquiries and in no way represent limitations on the services we provide. So feel free to ask questions (208-773-2331), and bring in your firearm to discuss concerns or modifications. We look forward to exceeding your expectations.