GSSF: Results december 2022

Hello Shooters!!

As this is the last competition for the quarter there’s two sets of results to post. The first section will be the results of the December competition. After that will be the standings for the fourth quarter of 2022.


december 2022 Competition

GSSF December- Stock
GSSF December- Unlimited
GSSF December- Rimfire
GSSF December- Pocket

Fourth Quarter 2022 Results

Below is the standings for the 4th Quarter. For the un-initiated, shooters who have participated in at least two monthly competitions during the quarter will be listed on the quarterly results. The “2 Match Avg” is the average of the highest two scores for the quarter. Once the scores are compiled and sorted the the contestants are divided into thirds with the upper third being “Class A” followed by “Class B” and “Class C.”

Stock Category Results

Richard Bass won the Class A division (top 1/3 of stock shooters). Jason Warren won Class B and Rhonda Harvitt won Class C (the remaining thirds of shooters).

Unlimited Category Results

Rimfire Category Results

Pocket Category Results

See you all in january!!

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